Root canal treatments

root canal


Root canal treatments

Root canal treatment is a procedure used to remove the nerves from the roots of an infected tooth. This means you can keep your natural tooth in place instead of having to have it removed. The nerves within the tooth can become infected for various reasons e.g. dental decay, cracked teeth or long standing gum disease. The aim of root canal treatment is to disinfect the bacteria build up deep inside the tooth and sealing it to prevent it from getting infected again.

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What Is The Process Of a Root Canal Treatment?

During your initial consultation at Dental House in Pinner, one of our Dentists will do a through consultation and full dental check-up where we will make sure any questions you have are answered. Every treatment is bespoke to each individual depending on the tooth and the complexity of the treatment, after your initial consultation we will provide you with a written treatment plan as well as a private estimate. The treatment may be split into 2 separate appointments to make it as comfortable as possible for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does root canal treatment cost?

The cost of a root canal treatment varies according to the type of tooth being treated. A full breakdown of our fees can be found on our price list.

What happens after my root canal Treatment?

You may experience some mild bruising or soreness following the root canal procedure. This usually settles within a few days and your dentist may advise some painkillers to manage this.

Depending on the condition of the tooth, your dentist may suggest a crown or ‘cap’ to be fitted over the tooth surface to protect it from breaking in the future. Teeth with root canals can often be weaker or more brittle than healthy teeth, therefore a dental crown may be recommended to extend the lifespan of the tooth and protect if from breaking in the future.

What are the alternatives to a root canal treatment?

We always aim to save as many teeth as possible so you can eat, function and smile comfortably. However, if you feel like root canal treatment is not the right option for you, we can discuss possible removal of the tooth and replacement of the gaps left behind.

How long does a root canal treatment take?

We usually require 1-2 appointments to complete a root canal treatment depending on the type of tooth, how many nerves require cleaning, the extent of the infection and the general condition of the tooth. We will place a temporary filling in the tooth between appointments if the root canal procedure takes longer than one session.

Does root canal treatment hurt?

No. We use local anaesthetic to numb the nerves within the tooth before carrying out a root canal treatment. This ensures the procedure is as comfortable as possible.